Are you seeking for ways to enhancing your Shopify store sales? Installing Instagram on it can be a good step forward. As you are aware, social selling is becoming the norm in the modern market. Business is and has been a social interaction. The customers must interact with the seller to make a sale. With the innovation of e-commerce, one-on-one interaction between the two suffered.

Virtualization became the order of the day. However, the social element remains an integral part of any business. Due to this, social platforms are becoming the largest market places. Instagram is one of them. Selling on Instagram is becoming the norm for many businesses. Probably, you are yet to subscribe to this idea. Here are the fundamental reasons why you need to install Instagram on your Shopify Store:

It is the third largest social platform

Pitching your product on a platform with a wide audience means you have more chances of securing sales. Instagram presents you with this opportunity. The social platform ranks third after Facebook and Twitter. It has more than 500 million daily active users. Also, it is the fastest growing social platform. By this, it means that it will soon bypass other giant social platforms.

With this number of users, you are certain that your target customers are camping here. Launching your products in this population enhances your chances of driving a sale. Hence, integrating Instagram with your Shopify store enhances your opportunity of becoming an amateur seller in your niche.

Enhance your brand awareness

Certainly, the dream of every webpreneur is to have a super brand. You want your brand to top in your niche. However, this is not an easy affair. You need to invest a lot of time in branding activities. If you have a Shopify store and struggling to establish a super brand, you should consider turning to Instagram. The platform has a large following. Also, it is easy to promote your brand using hashtags. This way you will have superb brand awareness. 

You can get an opportunity to build a personal connection with your customers

No doubt customer relations are the building pillar to your business success. Any webpreneur seeking to succeed in their business must have a concrete relationship with their customers. The relationship enhances customer trust and brand acceptance. Instagram allows a business to have a personal connection with the target customers. This way, you get an opportunity to boost your sales.