Are you running a physical store? If so, you can ascertain several things. First, the number of customers visiting your store is declining per dawn. Also, those who came to your store seems to know what they need exactly. They have information on its price, color, and type. Instead of telling them how it functions, they seem to have more information than you as the seller. Well, you wonder what is happening?

The thing is Instagram has a feature for the shoppable post. Shoppers no longer need to visit stores whether online or offline. They can purchase items direct from their Instagram. Upon realizing this, you have a plan to board the new wagon. However, you do not know how to make your Instagram account shoppable. If that describes you, here is how to go about it:

Ensure you have an Instagram business account

Certainly, you come from Australia and the UK. You own an Instagram personal account. While this is a great step, it will not work with your business. For you to make your Instagram account shoppable, it must be a business one. Also, it must be in line with the Instagram commerce policies. An account that complies to these requirements must be connected to a Facebook business page and one that does not have any age and country limits. So, if your Instagram account meets these aspects, you can proceed to the next step.

Connect your account with Facebook catalog and wait for the review

The next step is connecting your account with the Facebook catalog. You can do this by setting up a shop on your Facebook business page. Or else, you can add a catalogue through your business manager on the Facebook page. Either way, the aim is to display the products you are offering by listing them from your Facebook business page. Upon completing this step, you need to send the wait for the account review  before you move on to the next step.

Add product tags and create a shopping post or story

When your Instagram account passes the review process, the next thing is to add product tags and create your shopping post. This involves tagging the product catalogue you want to promote on Instagram. Upon completing this step, you need to create a shopping post. Instagram allows you to make up to five items/products for a single image shopping post. If you’re focusing multi-images, you have an opportunity to include 20 products. Upon fulfilling this, you can create a post and share it on your Instagram.