Domain Name Availability: What to Do If Your Preferred Domain is Not Available

You are beyond excited about the online business idea you have. You can almost picture how you want your website to look like and have an idea of the content you want to add.

Before you start creating your website, you need to decide what its name will be. You can’t just choose anything. It has to be something unique and has the domain available.

Domain Names: How They Work?

A domain name is the main address for your website or online store. A domain is what people type into the browser to open your website. For example

Technically speaking, you have an IP address that determines where your site lives on the web for other servers or computer. It is important to choose a domain that best matches what your website sells or what your business is all about. It is easier for your visitors to memorize, provides your website’s identification online. It is a vital component in how well you will rank in the search engines.

Your domain doesn’t have to match your website’s name, however, if you want to avoid confusion among the visitors and choose something that will be simple for them to remember, it is a better option for sure.

It is important to take your time when choosing a domain. After all, this is not something you want to rush and maybe regret later. It is important to consider what domains are available before you decide what to name your business or your website.

Check Domain Name Availability

We suppose you already have a domain name in mind. If you do, you can do a quick search using Shopify domain name generator.

You can use the generator to search for domain name ideas and check domain availability at the same time.

The search will show you:

  • If the name you are looking for is available
  • What the domain availability is for top-level extensions, for example, .com, .org, .net, and others
  • What the cost of the domain name is for different extensions
  • Suggested options to your domain that are available or that are cheaper than the name you are looking for.

With billions of websites on the web, the chances that the first idea you have in mind will be available is low. If your search reveals that your domain is taken, don’t be surprised or disappointed. You still have a lot of options.

The Domain You Want is Not Available: What Now?

As we said, don’t despair if your preferred domain is not available. In a situation like this, you need to do some brainstorming to find a domain that works for your website.

Here are four steps to take:

1.Take a Look at The Suggested Options

Shopify’s domain search tool serves up domains related to your specific search that are available with .com domain extensions.

Make sure to consider the suggested alternatives. If you see one you think will suit your website, your search is over. Register the domain and get to work creating your website.

The suggestions are auto-generated, so keep in mind that they won’t get at the idea you want to express with your new website. After all, algorithms don’t think the way people do.

2. Choose Different Top-Level Domain Options

Your next option is to go for something other than .com. You should know that there is one big disadvantage to consider – .com is what people and online buyers think of first. You risk people navigating to another website when they are trying to find yours.

On the other side, many browsers now remember the website users and purchasers have visited before, so many of the repeat visitors will be able to find your website without a problem, even if their instinct is to use Google to get to the right place. As long as you show up in Google search list for your website’s name, online visitors and customers still be able to find you.

The number of top-level domains available today means there is a good chance you can find the domain you had in mind available. Most top-level domains are specific and you don’t want to use one that is not relevant to you. If your business is located in the United Kingdom, choosing a .it domain (the top-level domain for Italian websites) doesn’t suit right.

Some options that make sense for any website are .net, .online, .info, .website, .name, and others.

If the domain you want is available for a top-level domain that makes sense for your business, you can stop your search. If you are not satisfied with the options, keep exploring.

3. Come Up with Similar Variations

A lot of time you can come up with a domain that is close to your preferred one and it is still available. You can continue your search for domains that use similes or hyphens.

So, get out your thesaurus and come up with a list of names (similar variations of the domain). It may take some time, but you can certainly find some variation that is available with an extension you want.

4. Brainstorm Ideas

If none of the steps helped you find a proper domain that would work, it is time to do some more brainstorming. Click here

You can think about words related to what your website will be about. Try to think of as many related words as possible.

You can also think about clever puns. A good pun in your domain is a way to give your website some uniqueness and personality while helping you find a name that is memorable enough. If puns are not your specialty, there are some great pun generators that can help you.

Finding a domain name will probably take some time, work, and creativity, however, by following these steps, you should be able to find a name that suits your website just right. So, are you ready to start looking for your new domain?


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