Are you struggling to drive sales when selling on Instagram? Selling more is the desire of every webpreneur. You want to invest your time and money on ventures that produce vast returns. Whether it is on marketing and promotion campaigns or branding, you desire to get a coin or two from your investment. This principle applies to social media campaigns too. You do not want to waste your time on preparing shoppable posts that do not convert to sales. However, this does not happen naturally.

Creating your posts and posting them on your Instagram does not mean you will secure sales. You must go for an extra mile to win sales. If you are facing a challenge of making zero returns on your shoppable posts, here are two proven ways of changing the maxim:

Optimize your business profile

No doubt, Instagram is a hub of sales for many businesses. This social platform has more than 800 million active followers and 600 million daily active users. Due to this potentiality, many entrepreneurs are turning their Instagram accounts into a homepage.  This step is enhancing the online presence and customers interactions. Also, being Instagram is creating a memorable first impression on the target audience. The use of visual aspect on this platform is attracting a captivating impression on customers and increase their sales.

For this reason, it is recommendable to spend your time optimizing your Instagram business profile. First, you should ensure your page is attractive by posting images, pictures, and videos. Also, your content should be eye-catching. Avoid uploading dull and low-quality images. When uploading videos, ensure they are attractive and can draw the viewers’ attention. This way, you will have an opportunity to drive your message easily and turn the shoppable posts into sales generators.   More topics about Selling On Instagram that you can see here

Share the products images in action

 Probably, you have come along this trend. It is a popular one that you will witness in may online posts. Marketers use it to drive sales and convince the audience. It is the product images in action technique. In other words, you show an image of the product in action. For instance, if you are selling sports shoes, you should use a photo of a person in a sporting activity with them. Such an image enhances the creation of a mental image of the target customer using the product. Hence, it can easily convert them into buyers,

In a word, using these techniques can transform your Instagram shoppable posts into sales.