Revealed: Top 4 E-Commerce Platforms In The UK And Australia That Will Help You Grow SalesWith Selling On Instagram

Instagram is becoming a robust social media platform for businesses around the globe. You can run the enterprise and small business without much effort. However, many retailers fail to sell on Instagram because they believe that it fits specific niches. It works well for retailers from different niches who are willing to increase sales. Thus, you need to take advantage of this platform.

It will allow you to gain more customers and enhance their experience. However, this social media platform cannot work alone. You need to ensure that the customers can make purchases easily without leaving the Instagram page. In this case, an e-commerce platform is essential. In the UK and Australia, you will find millions of them. However, not all will help you grow sales with shopping on Instagram. Here are some of the best:


A website will allow you to create a link between your store and customers on social media.  Imagine, finding a high-quality product through a window shop but you cannot purchase it because the main shop that makes transactions is some meters away. It can be a bad feeling, and you cannot revisit the shop. The same case applies to online shopping. If you want to enhance sales when selling on Instagram, you need to ensure that the customers make quick purchases. Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform in the UK that will enable you to enhance your business growth. It is easy to set up to allow you to link your Instagram account with your online store. Shopify will allow you to track sales via Instagram.


BigCommerce is another e-commerce platform that will allow you to create your online store without involving in the coding process. It will enable you to integrate with Instagram with just a few steps. BigCommerce will help you to sell on Instagram because of the integrated payment gateways effectively. The payment methods will allow the customers to check out quickly and safely because they will use a method of choice to make purchases. The good thing about BigCommerce is that it comes with affordable pricing. You can select a plan that will match your business needs.


If you have no design skills, you should not worry. Squarespace is here to help you. You will connect with Instagram with just a few steps. This platform is great because of its design. It has world-class customizable templates to enable the customers to differentiate you from your competitors. You will get a chance to efficiently add your business logo to convey a crucial message about your products.


Although Magento will help to grow sales with shopping with Instagram, it does not work well for newbies without the design skills. However, if you know how to code, Magento is the best e-commerce platform. It integrates easily with Instagram to allow your customers to purchase directly from your store without leaving their page. The good thing about Magento is its scalability feature. Because selling with Instagram will target both local and international customers, you will experience a change in traffic levels. This platform will assure to help your online store to handle the increased amount of work.

Wrapping up

If you are selling on Instagram and are experiencing challenges with sales, you need to enhance your business functionality. An e-commerce platform will help you with this.If you choose one that aligns with your business needs. The platforms come with distinct features and price. Thus, you need to have a plan and pick one that will help you achieve your goals. Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace,and Magento are some of the leading platforms. They will help you grow your sales.